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Joy And Emotional Health

When it comes to mental health, a lot of attention is paid to dealing with painful emotions and issues, such as depression or anxiety. And while it is crucial that you learn to understand and deal with these aspects of your emotional and mental health, it is also equally important that you pay attention to […]

Balanced Meals Mean More Nutrients

Everybody knows just how important it is to maintain a healthy diet to improve overall health. But, there’s much more to starting a healthy diet than simply eating foods that are regarded as stereotypically “healthy.” When you’re beginning a new diet, you need to understand why your body needs specific nutrients throughout the course of […]

Emotional Impact Of Chronic Unhappiness

We all experience unhappiness from time to time, but chronic unhappiness is different. Chronic unhappiness is almost never experiencing happiness. It can be caused by an addiction to unhappiness, depression left untreated or ignored, etc. In this article, we’re going to explore chronic unhappiness and the emotional impact it can have on you. What is […]

Journaling for Improved Emotional Health

Whether you are struggling with some challenging emotions or are just trying to process a bad day, there is one mental health tool that can help you improve your emotional health in all situations. Writing about what is happening in your life right now can now only help improve your mood, but it can also […]

Are You Lazy? 5 Key Motivators To Get Off The Couch

If you find yourself contemplating the question posed in the title of this article, there is hope for you yet! The fact that you are even aware of this issue is the first step in resolving the situation. Many of us find ourselves in a pattern of laziness from time to time. Maybe your work […]

Emotional Impact Of Chronic Dissatisfaction With Life

Have you been struggling to find satisfaction in your life? Do you find yourself constantly chasing dissatisfaction and trying to be the most miserable person in the room? You’re not alone! Many people struggle with this issue daily. However, you can’t ignore it; it could be having a major detrimental impact on your emotional wellbeing. […]

Identifying Your Emotions

For reasons of her own, Veronica keeps her hair cut short, and her taste in men run toward the hairy side. She and Eric have been married for nearly 10 years now. At the start of their marriage, Eric kept a clean-shaven face because he was still in the army. When he entered civilian life, […]

Helping Yourself Deal With Emotional Trauma

Enduring a traumatic experience has different effects on each of us. While some may feel scarred for life, others find the capacity to recover and even grow from their journey. Effective recovery from trauma requires hard work and dedication to the process to include coming to terms with your painful emotions as well as learning […]

5 Reasons Exercise Is So Important As You Age

It is no secret that exercise is an absolute must for those of us looking to enjoy not only an increased quantity of life, but more importantly, quality of life. Regardless of your age, gender, schedule, or any other component of your day-to-day routine, devoting adequate time to physical activity that gets your body moving […]

Understanding and Accepting Your Emotions

We all cope with emotions in different ways. Learning to understand and accept your emotions for what they are and what they can teach you is an essential life skill, one that can show you a great deal about yourself and help you grow as a person. Choosing to ignore or push aside your emotions, […]