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Are You Afraid to Feel?

For many people, expressing difficult emotions or admitting you have “negative” feelings like sadness or anger feels difficult or even impossible. There are lots of people that do not want to feel anxious or hurt or upset, so they push those feelings aside and choose to ignore them. And the most significant reason they do […]

How A Healing Retreat Can Benefit Your Wellness

You’re tired, you don’t sleep well, you’re not eating right, and your bones ache. You’ve had enough and decide it’s time to see a doctor. On your way there, you start visualizing what the doctor might prescribe to make everything right again. Visions of orange bottles filled with all sorts of pills pop into your […]

Anger Management 101

We all feel angry from time to time. It is normal and healthy to experience this emotion. If, however, you feel angry all the time or your anger manifests in explosive arguments or harmful behaviors, then your anger is controlling you rather than the other way around. And when your anger runs your life, many […]

Health Is The New Wealth, Are You Well-thy?

No matter how successful you are and how much money you have in the bank, without good health you will be ill equipped to enjoy your riches and achievements. Recent surveys show a trend towards preventative health and the maintenance of good health. Values have shifted and where once acquisition of possessions was seen as […]

5 Ways to Nurture Your Emotional Health

Taking care of your emotional self is vital to your overall wellness and health. When doctors talk about taking care of their health, they usually are just referring to your body, but looking after your emotional well-being is just as important as watching your diet and avoiding things like smoking. If you want to learn […]

5 Very Bad Ways to Deal with Your Negative Emotions

Whether you are battling with depression, anger, grief, guilt, or something else that is difficult, negative emotions can be hard to handle. But, when you positively handle them and learn to process your feelings, they do not have to be scary. In fact, it is incredibly healthy and helpful to deal with your negative emotions, […]