Ayurvedic Dosha Diet

Optimal health can only be achieved when there is balance between the three doshas referred to as Vata, Pitta and Kapha. This is the main principle behind the Ayurvedic diet.

The varying strengths of each greatly determine the differences between individuals in their physiological and phycological expression.

Vata is the main dosha that governs the functioning of the nervous system.

Pitta underpins the energy principle that makes use of bile in making sure digestion occurs efficiently. Pitta dosha also serves as the key player in a person’s metabolism.

Kapha dosha functions as the principle working behind each bodily fluid. So, Kapha is in charge of the body’s lubrication and nourishment.

Each of these three major doshas are also comprised of the so-called sub-doshas.

This eBook provides detailed insight into the Ayurveda diet, a proven and powerful health protocol followed by millions. Eating to your dosha ‘type’ will provide huge benefits to physical, mental and health, plus intangibles like simply getting more out of life.

Also included is an explanation of the roles of the sub-doshas, as well as effects of individual dosha imbalance and means of rebalancing.