Traditional Chinese Medicine

For Mental and Physical Health

Traditional Chinese Medicine is thousands of years old. It prescribes herbs, physical movement and dietary practices to treat just about any mental or physical health condition.

While it is effective for curing what ails you, the primary goal of TCM is to create mental, spiritual and physical health and well-being so that your body automatically and naturally resists disease and illness.

Simply put, TCM is a health protocol, not an illness or disease protocol. It seeks to maintain health, and where ill-health exists, to overcome it using principles and treatments that support and rejuvenate the body, rather than seeking to either excise or mask the results of the ill-health.

There is a reason TCM has been a successful and natural healing practice for thousands of years, and still is today. Quite simply, it works.

How is it that the exact same principles which worked so many years ago still work today? The answer is, TCM recognizes you are a product of nature. Therefore, there are natural answers to your health concerns.

Thousands of years of painstaking study of cause and effect has resulted in a holistic healing discipline, that addresses all spheres of human health.

Herbology is a large part of the ancient medical practice of the Chinese, and still is today. A major focus of this eBook is how TCM harnesses the healing power of herbs and plants to produce mental, spiritual and physical well-being.

So, let’s take a look at exactly what Traditional Chinese Medicine has to offer you.