Meditation for Beginners

Some people think that meditation is just something that alternative people do, usually because they don’t understand what it is they are trying to achieve. What they may not realize is how effective the act of chanting certain phrases can be for people wanting to achieve a relaxed and focused state.

In a world where we are bombarded with too much, too fast, our mind never stops spinning and meditation provides a means to quiet the external noise and demands.

In the quiet, inner mind a person can find peace and healing. This is why meditation has been proven extremely beneficial for people who are suffering with stress and depression. You may wonder how the mere act of sitting in a quiet place and chanting some phrases can be helpful, but the fact is that meditation trains the mind to relax.

Here are a few helpful tips on how you can use meditation for your health and healing.

Never allow your thoughts to control you.

Meditation allows you to stand back from your own thoughts, so as to be able to see patterns.  Eventually, you will then be able to train yourself to be aware when your negative unconscious thoughts start taking over. It is through meditation that you will realize that thoughts are merely mental events that should not have the power to control you.

Some people have issues in life that seem too difficult for them to let go, but with the help of mindfulness meditation an individual will learn how to deal with these issues and their particular mental events in a positive and productive manner.

Meditate on gratitude.

This may seem especially out of place if you are an individual feeling like the world is against you and nothing is going right. However, being grateful for all the things that are happening around you is one of the best ways to start your meditation because it allows you to gain a positive perspective and helps you to see the silver lining.

Think of your difficulties as blessings.

There is no doubt that this is difficult to do for many people, but if you refuse to do this you will never be able to gently purge your mind of all the negative thoughts that threaten to overwhelm you.  Think of your difficulties as blessings and you will find it easier to gain control of your thoughts instead of your thoughts controlling you.

Don’t expect to get it right the first time.

Meditation definitely takes several sessions for you to be able to actually reap its benefits. Some people have to go through 10 or 15 sessions before they start experiencing that longed-for relaxed state of mind.

You may choose to listen to a meditation audio CD to make it easier for you to set the atmosphere to the right ambiance, and to help yourself concentrate and achieve the kind of relaxation that those who meditate regularly experience.

Learn to breathe properly.

In order to obtain calmness while meditating, you need to learn to breathe properly.  Once you have learned how to breathe deeply in the correct manner, you will find it easier to clear your mind which is essential for the success of meditation.

If you are battling with stress and anxiety in your life, it would be good to start your meditation by focusing on the way you breathe. Sit in an upright posture then take notice of each inhale and exhale cycle that you do.

When you focus solely on your action of breathing you will set your relaxation triggers and processes in motion.

However, keep in mind that you should not force your mind to focus or you will be causing further stress to yourself.  Just gently allow your mind to focus on your breathing and if you find your mind starting to wander then slowly bring your attention back to your breathing.

Meditation can definitely do wonders to your health and wellness.  Utilize the above tips to get started so you will be able to take your meditation practice to the next level.