Yoga and Meditation – Preventative Medicine

Every one of us has probably at some time, used the reasoning that we are too busy to exercise, or cook dinner tonight. Instead we don’t exercise and we buy fast foods. The last thing on our minds is meditation and yoga, especially for preventing illness.

There are several ways to incorporate yoga and meditation as a preventative medicine into your life.

The Buddy System

You would not have to search far or long to find a buddy who is in need of some serious de-stressing, relaxation, or chilling out. Just start talking about the need for some rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation and you will find that attentive listeners suddenly surround you.

Yoga and meditation are beneficial to preventing illness in so many ways:

* A relaxed body promotes a relaxed mind
* Studies show that positive emotions lead to healthier lives
* Studies also show that stress can cause major disease such as heart disease and high blood pressure
* Yoga and meditation relieve stress and cleanse the mind

With all these benefits, it is in our best interest to incorporate yoga and meditation into your busy lifestyle. However, how do you do that? The answer is to grab an accountability partner. When one of you starts to say that you are too busy, too tired, or have too much to do, the other is responsible for wiping that negativity out and grabbing the other and going.

Being Intentional

Without intention, nothing will be successful. Whether you have chosen to take a new study class, join a gym, or practice meditation and yoga, you have to be intentional about it. If being intentional is difficult, here is a tip. Think about being an example and role model to your children. Tell them of your goal and this will motivate you to reach that goal. When your children see that you are achieving a difficult task, it will give them the reach they need to achieve a difficult task as well.

When you are intentional and you have a buddy to partner up with, yoga and meditation become easy. Once you discipline yourself to take care of yourself, you will find that you have more energy, more peace, and less illness in your life.