Yoga for Thyroid Health

Yoga may be beneficial to your thyroid health. As your body stretches and twists, your thyroid gland can be stimulated which can contribute to a re-balancing of your metabolic rate. This can be very beneficial in the treatment of several symptoms caused by a thyroid imbalance.

The following are examples of yoga postures and breathing techniques that are ideal for people wanting to improve their thyroid health.

Shoulder Stand

This yogic posture involves all parts of the body and if done correctly, this inverted posture will help reverse the effects of gravity, thereby supplying oxygenated blood to your thyroid gland.

Bridge Pose

This pose will allow you to stretch your neck and strengthen your thyroid gland for it to function at its best.

Fish Pose

This posture stretches the throat which can boost the blood circulation to the gland.

Cobra Pose

This asana pose will make you look like a hooded snake as you bend your neck backwards while exerting pressure on the thyroid.  This will help boost thyroid function and improve your mood.

Corpse Pose

The corpse pose facilitates breathing, lowers heart rate, blood pressure levels and metabolic rate. It calms the mind, dissolves fatigue and reduces anxiety.  It can also help improve your ability to focus and concentrate.


This is a diaphragmatic breathing technique that fills the lower belly first, in order to activate the first and second chakras. As the breathe rises to your lower rib cage which is where the third and fourth chakras are located, it will then finally move into the upper chest until it reaches your throat.  This calming and balancing breathe will help increase oxygenation whilst also boosting the internal heat of the body.

Kapalbhati Breathing

This is the kind of breathing technique that allows slow inhalation and forceful exhalation that are beneficial for the purification of the respiratory tract.  This breathing technique will also boost the production of oxygen-rich blood to the entire body.

Alternate Nostril Breathing

This breathing technique purifies the nostrils and balances mental and physical energy. Alternate nostril breathing helps detoxify the blood and this can have plenty of benefits to almost all kinds of health issues. It is also excellent for relieving stress and anxiety along with assisting any thyroid problems.

These yogic postures and breathing techniques can help promote the proper functioning of different glands of the body such as the pituitary, pineal, adrenal and thyroid glands. Yoga helps normalize these glands as it stretches and limbers the neck while also toning and strengthening the entire nervous system.

If you practice different yogic postures, your thyroid gland will be stimulated to perform at its peak efficiency. It is important to remember that yoga poses not only stimulate your throat area. Yoga is for all parts of the mind, body and spirit. This is why yoga is beneficial for all other health issues that are associated with problems stemming from the thyroid gland.

When choosing to practice yoga for your thyroid problems, make sure to consult your doctor first and work only under the supervision of a professional Yogi.